WeAreClear - How We Work

Our Clear Thinking 5 step process sets out how we work with you to ensure your goals are met and your messages are delivered in the right way for your audience.

How We Work - Process

It all starts with being curious.

We spend time listening, questioning and understanding everything there is to know about your project, business, audience, purpose and objectives.


From what we discover, we develop your story and present a concept of how we will communicate this story in the most compelling way.

We pull out the key messages that need to be delivered, set the right tone of voice and test how engaging your story is by assessing if it is original, relevant, shareable and graspable.


We then take your story and look at how we connect your audience to it in the most compelling way.

Whether it is a live event experience or piece of creative content, we develop a solution that is memorable and engaging, and fully delivers on its purpose and objectives.


The next step is to create your experience and bring your story to life.

The talented and experienced Clear team of creators, producers, thinkers and do-ers, are fully committed to exceptional service delivery and exceeding your expectations.


Once complete, we measure success against your purpose and objectives to ensure we have delivered everything we promised and more.