Hybrid & Virtual enable
you to bring your colleagues together and connect audiences from any location

Hybrid Events

At Clear we can help plan your hybrid event and give your audience, whether live or online, an engaging experience.

Hybrid events needs a little more attention as there are live and online audiences to consider. It is our job to ensure that one isn’t favoured over the other and we keep both engaged throughout the event.

This is not just another Teams or Zoom call. We can help plan your agenda and ensure you expand the reach and impact of your content through a true hybrid event experience.

A venue can make or break any event, as can using the right online platform to broadcast to. The physical venue needs to be suitable for broadcasting and should match the tone and creative of the event. The online platform needs to allow the virtual audience to feel like they are an extension of the live audience, which can be achieved through branding, interactive functionality and access to any sponsors or exhibitors that are also present in the physical location.

Virtual Events

We know the value of making connections face-to-face will never fade, but there are times when its simply not possible to bring everyone together in the same space. Putting on a virtual event can seem overwhelming, and they take ingenuity to ensure a memorable online experience.

Whether its a conference, awards ceremony, internal meeting or even an exhibition, at Clear we understand successful virtual events are built from strong planning and by thinking outside the box.

Hosting a virtual event requires the same care and attention as a live event, maybe even more as we must keep audiences hooked from start to finish from the comfort of their computer screens, without the excitement of a venue or the atmosphere of a gathering of people.

Virtual events can provide an opportunity to promote inclusivity, build communities and widen your audience, without the barriers of travel expenses or location restrictions.

Combining creativity and innovation with a strong logistical foundation is our key to success when delivering a virtual event. we bring together the very best technical solutions to deliver events seamlessly end to end, providing both an impactful and meaningful delegate experience.

But it doesn’t have to end there. Virtual events also provide the perfect platform to engage with your audience post event offering your brand more opportunity to increase revenue and glean precious data about your audience.

Hosting a virtual event may seem daunting, but with our help and creative ideas, you can be sure your audience will feel included, involved, valued and glued to your event from start to finish.

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